Coach Chris



Mohawk’s Head Coach, Christopher Meyer, spent the Spring 2014 season serving in Kuwait as a member of New York’s Air National Guard.  Matt Jones did a tremendous job filling in as interim head coach. Thanks, Matt!

Coach Chris, a Firefighter, was deployed back in February, but he kept up with the team from afar, offering timely advice and cheering on his rowers,  offering them words of wisdom and encouragement.

Here is news from Coach Chris in Kuwait:


Hey All,

I want to start off by saying how great of a job you all are doing. Its no easy task to start up the spring season. Tami and the board have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work to make this season happen. So be sure to thank them every time you see them. Keep up the good work!

As for me, my time here seems to be going fairly fast. Some days drag on and seem like a lifetime but for the most parts its going fast. The weather here is starting to get hot, yesterday it was 105 and only getting hotter. We’re expecting by the time we leave for it to be close to 115 – 120 degrees.

The Rock

The Base I’m on is known as “The Rock”.  The local country here owns the base we are just guests here, however our presence is much greater than theirs is.  This monument is located at the top in front of one of our Fire Stations.   We have been here on this base since the early 90′s when the US invaded.

Hangar Pic

This is a picture of 1 of many hangers that are on the base.  These hangers are incredible, with reinforced concrete about 10 – 15′ thick.    When the US invaded they dropped bunker busters to rid the Iraqi forces from this area.


We recently did a controlled burn of tents and other items.  The local Fire Dept. came out. This is me standing next to one of their Crash Trucks.  Their equipment is some of the best money can buy;   however, they don’t use it much because if they break anything it comes out of their pocket. Very different from us.

Local Fire Dept

Well I think that’s it for now, I’ll be sure to send more pictures in the coming months.  Can’t wait to get back out on the water with you all! Stay safe everyone and row fast!



I am doing a lot of studying working on more Fire Certifications.    I should get the chance here in the near future to go off base and into Kuwait city.  I hope you all are doing well.   Don’t hesitate to contact me about anything.


I am doing well,  it’s a fast paced environment around here, but I do have some time in the afternoon.   My work schedule is the same as home so nothing has really changed.  The fire prevention on base is extremely good so i find myself doing more non firefighter duties than normal.  I appreciate your prayers, they mean a lot.  I’ll try and send some pictures and an update to the entire team at a later date.